Bob's Toothpick City 

Toothpick Art

Born in Naples, Italy in 1964, Bob Morehead has always been fascinated with the amazing architecture all along the Amalfi Coast.  Drawing inspiration from those memories along with building tree forts in Hawaii as a child and a visit to a Ripley's Museum in Florida as a teenager, Bob began creating with toothpicks in the early 1980's.  His initial project, now known as Bob's Toothpick City, started as a series of small structures and now is a growing metropolis of well over 300,000 toothpicks.

The platform invites you to participate in several tournaments in order to feel the real excitement of competing with real rivals and the joy of victory.

Bob's Toothpick City original toothpick art is a creation from the mind of Bob Morehead. The toothpick city has been under construction for many years and currently consists of many buildings, walkways, and boats using well over 300,000 toothpicks.  Each building is unique, some contain multiple rooms, floors, windows and stairways.  No molds or forms have been used in the building process, just ordinary toothpicks and wood glue.

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